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Healing Takes A Generation - Or Two

The Recreation Project. We might imagine that word "recreation" to describe recess, play, down-time, a vacation away from it all. In Northern Uganda, it means something much more literal. An actual re - creation is happening around Gulu within the lives of youth and young adults. Their lives are being re - created through the work of The Recreation Project (TRP).

Ben Porter speaking with Angelina Atyam

During my time in Gulu, I was fortunate to interview several participants who have gone through TRP's programs. I also had the opportunity to travel with an All-Girls Climbing Club that has partnered with TRP to mentor young girls for leadership and life-skills. Camping out on a rock after a day of rappelling, these 26 girls had an opportunity to both reflect on their lives as well as build plans and goals moving forward.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on an edit for TRP to use in their advocacy and fund-raising efforts. Their work is vital in Northern Uganda and indeed in the country as a whole in seeing a generation of young people grow up with skills and resources to move past years of conflict into a time of peace. In 7 years, 15,000 people have come through TRP's programs. Their impact is real. They are literally an example of change to different. Stay tuned to see the final product. And in the meantime, check out

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