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Original stories that change the world.


At our heart, we endeavor to create original productions that expose the rest of us to the reality of an ever-changing world. Storytelling has always been a key modality in creating movements - that's why we do what we do.



The daily life of a Syrian refugee as told by them. Follow us as we follow Syrian refugees living in Lebanon, unable to go home to their war-torn cities and unable to make the arduous trek to Europe. Literally living lives in limbo, children and families seek to carve out a living beyond merely existing. Production to start in June, 2016.


Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution



Follow the story of Ugandan youth footballers pursuing their dreams of international / professional football and a life beyond their circumstances while overcoming a legacy of war, displacement, and poverty. Gulu United is a web-based series documenting the resurgence of the Gulu United Football Club and its role not only in developing top prospects for international football but also in local community development and healing. The series will follow the lives of 3-5 individuals within the club and document their background and ongoing story as they pursue their dreams and redefine their lives in post-conflict Northern Uganda.


Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution



Fly On Wall is a documentary series that follows the lives of 10 individuals from 5 different countries who are all doing something amazing in their own communities. These individuals face head-on everyday the global news headlines of poverty, homelessness, disease, war, and climate change. Everyday, they live and work beyond the headlines and challenge the status quo that things should and will remain as they are. These are the stories of the people who are changing the world, everyday.


Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution



In collaboration with PostMay Films, a full length documentary examining the impact of micro-finance and the work of The 10/10 Project in Kenya. Follow Andrew Syed, Michael Nyangi, and Fred Afwai as they build a network across Kenya to connect social entreprenuers in their efforts to transform their communities.


Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution



Everytime you or I purchase something, ripples go out impacting lives across the globe. Where It's Made will be an ongoing series dedicated to exploring the supply-chain and original areas of production of some of the most common commodities we all utilize in our daily lives. Coffee, fruit, flowers, jewelry, clothing, on and on. Of course, we will be meeting the people who impact our lives by bringing us these goods and how our purchases impact them.


Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution



The distance to the street-corner or highway exit ramp holding a piece of cardboard is not as long as you might think. Everyone has a story. This will be a series exploring the stories of the people who find themselves on the margins of our society yet directly in our view.



Concept / Pre-Production / Production / Post-Production / Distribution
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